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Would it be OK to Make a Duct From my......

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Feb 2, 2001
From my Window A/C Straight to (As in Blowing Directly on) My CPU? There wouldn't be condensation problems with that would there? It's starting to get Awful Hot out and I don't have best Cooling For PC yet. So would that be OK for now? Thank You
I think there might be condensation problems with that. Anytime you're below ambient temp, there is a chance that condensation will form.
I think you would be better off just ducting the air to the case and cooling the whole inside of the case with it. That way the air is all around cooler and dry as well, less chance of condensation building up. As there is a lot less humidity in the air. With the air in the case being cold the cpu would run a lot cooler as well.
Cool...so Just Having a Duct goto my PC will work and not create Condensation? Thanks.
The only prob with that is that you have to have your wallshaker running whenever your PC is on. This means that you will probibly have to set it to low cool and set the theromsat to the highest setting. could get kinda expensive to run. Espeacially if you live in CA.
just make a hole on the bottom of your case and attach youe new super cool duct to the case, you might want to think about making one or two exaust fans at the top, just so you have a nice constant flow of air