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Would this be good?

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Feb 7, 2002
Tampere, Finland
Thermalright AX-7 + Sunon KDE1208PTS1-6

I'm using currently GlacialTech Igloo 2310 and simply said, it sux0rz. It doesn't cool as much I hoped it would. But now I know better.

Igloo's fan has only 20.3 CFM.

That Sunon would have 41,7 CFM. And the noise level would get up only by 5 dbA.

Of course I would lap the heatsink first. So do you guys recommend it?
I would just get a Sunon Ultra High 50cfm for the heck of it. Those top heatsink dont work alone, they need some good fan to be with them and I think that Sunon are quiet so you won't have a problem with sound and you'll get better performance.

But overall it looks good.
Makkarah said:
So you mean getting the Sunon KDE1208PTBX-6 : 50,6 CFM?

That makes some sound already tho

I'm pretty sure it won't hurt your ears as much a Delta80 would.

Listen to it @ sidewindercomputers.com

You'll notice how quiet it is comparing to the high Delta's.
Hmm... Maybe I get that one, it's 62 euro's with the fan tho but.

Yeah I'm going with it, just by looking the flow rate...

Of course I have to wait a lil bit over a week because I'm leaving to Gran Canaria at saturday. :burn:
i say get the alpha pal 8045, as you can see what the results are on my computer, and any fan will work well on it, if you dont care about noise, then get the delta 68 or 80 cfm fans and get a lil better performance, or just get the one that i have, the 47 cfm delta, its pretty quiet, and it still performs well
Well now I have that AX-7 and Sunon KDE1208PTB3-6 fan on it. Damn I'm going to crap my pants after using the Glacialtech... My temps are like 34 idle. Before they were 51... I'd say that it's a nice improvement.