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Would this pc help??

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cyber mouse45

Cyber Cheesiest Senior
Jan 31, 2002
I got an old 133mhz Dell that's sitting around but it needs a new 3 or 4 gig hd to work. Is it worth getting this thing running again and folding on it, or is it toooo sloooow??
200 MHz might still be too slow for some of those HUGE protien A WUs ... Last time I crunched the numbers, they require 500 Mhz or better to complete on time. As the wife's rig is a Celly 500, I can testify that it comes REALLY close to the time limit on quite a few WUs.

... but 200 will be quick enough to finish most WUs just fine. The science needs all the help anyone can offer. :D
my brothers p2 rig is doing them easily in time... there are several guys here that are runnng 200mhz and a few that run 166's and the 200 mhz rigs are making it pretty consistant while the 166 miss a few now and then.. The key factor is if the rig is running 24/7 with minimum applications..

Cyber: yes the wu's have a time limit depending on the size of units (ranging from 18 hours to 9 days i believe) However..if you can get the speed up (at least 166 but if you can make 200mhz, that would be better) and run it 24/7 with min functions.. it will be a positive impact to your farm :)
Ebola said:
yes. try david's overfoldix. you dont need a hardrive to run it.

It needs a CDROM drive, but thats it. And it isn't quite perfect yet but if you want to give it a shot, just let me know. Its a 3MB CD image that you will need to burn to disk. You will need a permenant net connection and:
- an IP address
- a net gateway IP address (the machine through which to access the net
- the name of a DNS server that is reachable by your machine.

PM or Email me if you want to give it a shot - I'd be glad of any help in testing it.

About the 133MHz rig? Try it. Overclock to at least 166MHz if possible. Give it a shot and if it works, perfect. If it doesn't then its no big loss.

Another idea is, if your rig has a BBA5 or something as pathetic and the P133 gets a ProteinA, you can swap the work.
I agree with everything that's been said here. Try it - you've got nothing to lose, really. And you can swap WUs to redistribute the workload. (I'm one of those heretics who think Stanford should be doing this already, but THAT's another story ... ;) )

I must admit ... both my boxen are "every day use" rigs. Even though they run folding 24/7, we use them for other tasks. This, of course, takes clock ticks away from folding. Please give more weight to Walaka's advice than mine. :D

BTW - Walaka ... what are those gremlins in your hair? :D

Inkeeper! Grog all around! ... and no nonsense about it being early in the day! :beer: