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Would Vodka work as substitute for Rubbing Alcohol??

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C'mon guys...nearest drugstore, and even some convienance stores have rubbing alcohol. A 16 Fl. Oz. bottle shouldn't run more than $1.50, and will last you forever.

but what's the fun in that. At least with Gin or Vodka you can reward yourself with a swig when you finish cleaning your chip off.
Yeah but its alcohol abuse ;)

You should NOT use booze to clean your cpu any more than you should drink rubbing alcohol!

They each have their purpose in this world :D
It will work just fine for cleaning, but it won't dry as fast as rubbing alcohol. Go ahead and use it, but give it plenty of time to dry before putting your electronics to use.
Vodka = ethyl alcohol

Rubbing = isopropyl alcohol

I don't know how much alike they are, but they are 2 different things.

And ya, vodka does dry sticky, so I would have to say, get off your butt and go to the store;)
Use Goof Off. Its 100 times better then either of those. It literally eats the AS3 right off it.

Its the easiest way I found to clean my CPU.
i used cheapo 98º sugar cane ethyl alcohol used as an antiseptic and it didnt fry my p3 lol. That superglue remover sounds good, if only i could get it around here :( :mad: