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WOW! 1.75 volts!

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Feb 15, 2001
Harford, WI.
With my watercooling and 85w peltier, I'm able to now boot in at 1000mhz with VCore of 1.75! Before the water cooling Anything below 1.85 would wind up in almost instant lockup while running 3D Apps. And at 1.75 would not even make it into windows.
This is AWESOME! Runs perfectly stable and lowered my temps a lot to. Only around 9c under extreme load and 2c at an idle.
congratulations to you, that is always very nice when we can get the same speed with a lower voltage, extends the life of out cpu. Can we get some pictures of the setup?
yeah!! show me how u do it!! coz my dangerden water cooling set will arrive soon!! i also using 85W pelt +water cooling. hope can get the result as u did!! :)
oh....anyway, how u power up the pelt?? using 12V too?? or u hv special PSU??
Well, Right now I dont really have any means of taking a picture and posting it for you guys. Besides, It's nothing to pretty looking anyway.

The only thing that is in the case is the waterblock. The radiator is hanging underneath my desk with a 90mm fan on it for now (stuck on with 2 rubber bands). And the pump is sitting on top of my subwoofer undernieth the desk.

I had to keep everything outside of the case cause when I put it in the temps were quit a bit higher. So When I get around to it I will have to build a box for the radiator and pump.

It's nice not having to worry about a reservoir. Keeps a a lot simpler! Takes up a lot less space without it.

As far as having a special PSU for the pelt. No, All I'm using is my 431w Enermax that runs the rest of my system. So the pelt is running at 12v's.

And as far as the temps I posted. I guess I was a little premature on that. That was this morning when it was a lot cooler in the house. Now it's around 75 degrees outside and warm in the house so the temps went up a bit. Now they are about 13.5c under full load, and around 6c at idle. But thats still not bad. I dont think so anyway. I think when I get one or two 120mm fans on the radiator it will come down even more.

All and all I'm pretty happy with the whole thing.
Well, I figured out why my temps went up. I started getting weird BSOD's and reboots and system power downs as well. I also lost my video card, would only run at 640 X 480 and wouldnt even let me reinstall drivers for it! Yes you guessed it! A litte thing called condensation! I guess my insulation from being used so much, got a little to squished together and was not making as good contact with the cpu as it used to. It allowed some air in and quit a lot of water built up on the core and peltier.

I'm lucky I had my cpu coated in polyeurathane or she would have died for sure!

I think the water was messing up the heat transfer. some how it was screwing up my tempature readings as well. One time I would boot up and it would say 1c, the next time I would it would read 67.5c. Thats how I knew I had water on the cpu.

So I took the tec out for now untill I get time to reset and seal everything again. I think I'm gonna put another coat of something on the cpu just to be certain. As well as use clear silicon to seal the insulation right to the cpu instead of relying on a tight seal from pressure alone. That should take care of it.

I gotta admit it though. I'm a little scared of tecs again. Even though I have been using them for a couple years now. This is the first time I have ever had a problem with condensation. And hopefully the last.
Whew! close call eh? Sorry it didn't work this time. I'm sure you'll have better luck next try with a fresh start. Interesting post.
Great looking kids!
Well, I've had it all back up again for a few days now. and I could not get it to even boot in at 1gig. Kept getting blue screen errors and reboots as well as lockups! But the temps were around 5c all the time, I couldnt figure it out!

Then I thought about my ram. I always needed to run it in the last ram slot due to my alpha with the tec. Well when I first tried watercooling I never moved my ram. After the whole condensation thing I decided to move my ram to the first slot while I was in the pc.

Thats why it wouldnt go at 1gig. I moved my ram to the third slot and booted right up and been running 3d apps for the last 11hours with no lockups @ 1008mhz. I had to bump the voltage from 1.75 to 1.8 cause quake would lockup instantly. But still 1.8 is far better then 1.9 which is what I need without the watercooling installed!

As far as temps they are ok. Running about 7.5c at idle and 15.5c at really full load, so thats not to bad but I think I can get it a little better.