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Wow I feel dumb (Newegg third party seller story)

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Apr 29, 2010
Central FL
I recently tried to purchase a Samsung SSD on Newegg like many purchases I have before. I generally tick the "Sold by Newegg" and "Shipped by Newegg" box so I get a direct sale and can rely on the service. If for some reason I am buying from a third party seller on Newegg or Amazon I also usually check the reviews. This time I must have forgot to do this and ended up buying from a third party that is out of country no less.

Order was placed 3/29, shipping label was created 3/31 but the tracking was never updated beyond that. As this happens pretty often these days I let it go and waited. Well it is now the sixth day with no updates and no drive so I contacted the seller through Newegg requesting an update and received this email:

----- From: <Global Direct Store> To: <> -----
Hello ,dear friend ,your order has been send ,As for the logistics order number, it will be updated the day before the receipt of the goods~I will urge the logistics provider for you to update the order number as soon as possible

I thought it was pretty funny how close it was to those scam emails we all get every day. I guess I never realized tracking gets updated when I receive an item not as it moves lol.

Anyways, while I was on Newegg I checked the seller reviews. All six (red flag one) are negative and say they create a fake shipping label and none received their order (red flag two).

Needless to say I have requested a refund and I have no doubt Newegg will work this out but thought I would pass the story along as a reminder to always check the reviews of sellers and buy direct if possible. Ultimately it is my fault for not doing my due diligence but just sucks I had to learn my lesson on this item as it was a birthday present for my son tomorrow.