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wow...I hit 230mhz fsb....am I ok for more??

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Apr 10, 2004
Hi guys...first I like to say I like this forum alot and thanks so much. Well, this is my first time getting this kind of fsb so Im pretty excited. I dont' know much about OC, right now my ram timming is 9-3-3-3, fsb = 230, mult = 10 at 2.3ghz. I would like to try to go faster but I think I will get a better hs before this. What I like to ask now is that if I want to go faster, what do you guys think I should change first?? The Mult or the fsb? Any tips on the ram timming if Im going faster?? Thanks all. Im running a 3000+ unlock and a shuttle A35N-U with kingston ch5 pc3500 hyperx.


Feb 19, 2003
Northants England
i would tighten the ram timings to 2.5,3,3,8 or 11 up the ram voltage if needed and then see if u can hit higher FSB at the end remember to run Prime95 for 12hours min


Senior Benchmark Addict
Feb 4, 2003
SF Bay Area
With CH5 and nForce2's, the best timing choice in my experience was 11-3-3-2. You're doing great so far. I don't think your memory will go much further than 230MHz, but you could try dropping to a 9x multi and seeing if it can. Then, once you've got a ram limit established, begin to increase the multiplier.