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WOW...This is really really really RETARDED!!!!

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Oct 16, 2002
Pittsburgh, PA
Ok, I just recently built my new system and shiznat... (look at sig)

I have a dual UV cold cathode and a dual red cold cathode in there. Whenever I switch them on or off.. my computer freezes. First, the programs stop responding.... then a few seconds later, I can't click anything.. then a few seconds later, my mouse freezes. AHHHH I HATE IT! What is wrong?
interesting problem, i wonder whats causing it, perhaps you can use a different power lead from the PSU.
This is interesting. it's not as though you had a cheap psu, but obviously there's a tie in there somewhere. hmmm. A well-lit popsicle.
I wonder if turning them both on at the same time is causing osme kind of power flicker (just guessing here, never seen it happen). Maybe a capacitor on them would help so they can come on slowly.
use a process of deduction captian

take parts from another comptuer and swap them with your new computer untill it works, then you will know your problem
i had a simialar prob, i would turn my CC's on and some of my fans would stop... stupid me looped almost all my power through one 4 pin connecter.. (2 fans and hdd cooler and 2 cc's)... so just see if u ran them all off one connector :\
It sounds like something might be shorting out.

Try removing one of the CC tubes and see if you have the same problem. If you have the problem with one tube and not the other, you know that you have a bad tube.

If you still have the problem, remove all the tubes and see if just turning on the inverters causes the system to freeze.
Id make sure that PSU is putting out what its supposed to be putting out, and you got alot of fans going too...

my 2 cents

yeah check and see if the system still locks with the tubes disconnected if it does then you have a bad inverter either it's shorting or it's giving off some serious emi or rf. either way try another inverter if you have one. good luck
D'oh, I just realized why my CC would freeze my computer when I turned it on! I had it attached to the same lead as my hard drive, a 120mm fan, and a 172mm fan running at 7v.

Stupid me.
yea, maybe you have too many things connecting to one lead... maybe if you split it up or put a switch or something it'll stop it
yeah, make sure not too many on that one, but also sounds like you have a short/grounding problem. Did you wire the CC's yourself?

If you have a spare PSU around, connect the prongs to get it going and plug in those CC's w/o anything else connected and see if it shuts off the PSU all by itself... if it does, time to RMA...

good luck
I have had many problems with my pc power, right now i am trying to figure out why my computer just decides to reset itself every so often try hooking the cathrodes up to another computer any see what happens, but it may be a bad inverter for the Cathrode, almost any thing can be wrong, once my cousin got DSl and it was going at about 5kbs, couldn't figure out what was wrong, until he switched the power cord for his pc, and it was right up to 80kbs, we are still trying to figure that one out