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Dec 22, 2000
I disabled ACPI to finally solve my SBLive issues, this was before all the "fixes" came out. Now my cpu runs at 37c at idle, no big deal since I am bong cooled, but I was wondering....would using the Register 52 "EB" tweak still work?

My system is rock stable at 1.61ghz @1.85v, and I have way too many apps and programs installed at present to do a reinstall with ACPI enabled. Until a dual-cpu KT266 mobo is out, this OS is NOT gonna get reinstalled. (sorry, 550 bucks is TOO MUCH money for the Tyan board)

Anyone tried this?

AMD 1.33 AXIA @1610mhz, 1.85v core
Iwill KK266-R
*super* bong cooled
loaded temps 41c :) Folding@Home 24/7
You should be able to have APCI disabled and also change register 52 to EB without any problems. Someone I was talking to had an SB live and the trick worked for him. The EB trick lowered one of my durons from 114 to 93 degrees idle.
Nope, if the OS has ACPI disabled ("standard PC" for Win2k) then the register 52 mod does not work.

Oh well, no big deal, this thing never breaks 42c under load.....
LikuidFusion (May 30, 2001 07:35 p.m.):
can i do the mod with the PPL or is it PLL, i have a amd mobo 756 chipset will that work for me in win2kpro

Nope, that is chipset specific (VIA KT133). Sorry. There is one for the 760 (per front page) so you might be able to search and find the right, um, thing (proper term mentioned in article) for your chipset. Possibly even with a guide for it.