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Wraith Prism Cooler Enough?

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Oct 11, 2002
The Empire State
After my cpu swap from the 5800X to the 5900X, decided to sell the 5800X. Unfortunately no one seems to be interested and the ones that are want it as a gift. Figured I'd just build my son a new rig with it. He's been running my old 7700K/Z270 rig. Would be a nice upgrade. He doesn't game and the only thing he does with it is read blogs and watch videos.

Wanted to know if the stock prism cooler will be enough to keep it cool? No overclocking. I'd like to know as I can get these for free, so why spend money on a really good HSF if the prism will be enough for stock speeds.
The Wraith did fine cooling my 3900X overclocked so long as I let the fans ramp up to full speed while under heavy loads. I know they are different CPUs but share the same Core/Thread count, TDP, and very similar clocks.
As long as you're not running 8 thread renders all day I agree it should be fine. The CPU will handle itself based on temperature so you might be sacrificing 50 or 100 MHz all core boost, but I doubt anyone will notice. If needed you could easily enable PBO and crank down the limits to PPT 75W, TDC 95A and EDC 140A. Just like you can use PBO to make a 700x have the same power specs as a 800x (or beyond) I don't see any reason why you couldn't do the opposite to run cooler.