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Jul 2, 2001
wolverhampton, england
ok so i put my xp1600 on my abit board(see sig) i have made some real kewl ramsinks for my system ram, got good cooling on proc n chipset.....i set fsb to 160 (320ddr) and booted up fine, i had just formated so i proceded to install windows, all went in fine, then i started to install drivers.....every driver i put in worked fine, then i installed the software for my cable modem, and when i restarted and got to windows, it said sommat was wrong with the system registry and that it wud restart and restore, it restored to the point where i had no drivers in at all this happened 3 times untill i dropped fsb to 155, any ideas ?
i have a old maxtor 10gb it corrupts daily. sometimes 2 times a day when i was maxing out my ram.
and when u install windows its best to do it at stock settings ,or u will be doing it over again.one blue screen and the install is screwed.

im buying 2 wd 7200's next week for raid 0. my currnt hd is ata 33 i think its so slow its pathetic.its going in my backup.