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Aug 15, 2002
okay, a while ago I tested my watercooling with success (I just wanted to see if it would work). Now I try it again, this time with hoseclamps, and it leaks at the connections.....why would adding hoseclamps make it leak??? (Note: They are the metal kind you have to screw)

i might have heard overtightening the clamps can cause leaks...
but i am speaking out of my *** on that one, so dont take my word for it...

that is probably the most pointless post ever, as well as least helpfull
mabye it cut into the tubing?

or mabye it grabs a part of the tubing and pulls it..
I guess I'll loosen them a bit (I did tighten them a lot) and post back tomorrow w/ result. Thanks for the ideas.

Most of the clamp flexes but the barrel (part that has the screw in it) can't flex. It's probably not conforming well enough with the curve of the tubing causing it to "hump" away from the barbs at the ends of the barrels.

I use two clamps on my hoses with the barrels on opposite sides of the barb. No leaks :D
The best metal clamp is the one made just for that size of hose. Home Depot & Lowes both sell clamps that supposedly fit a wide range of hose sizes. I've found that like junkymagi said, the leaks usually occur at the side with the screw. It's not a perfect clamp all the way around the hose. Some of the higher quality metal clamps work a bit better.

Personally, I just use double-wrapped zip ties for a full 360deg of compression.
thanks for the replies, I think I'm just gonna pick up another package of hoseclamps, since I think they ARE leaking at that one spot, and they aren't expensive.
Thanks again

I was experiencing the exact same thing. I would have my tubing on with no clamps at all and it wouldn't leak, then would tighten the clamps (even just a little bit) and it would start leaking. The solution I used was I just put some teflon tape around all the barbs and then slid the tubing over that and used the clamps over the tubing with teflon tape underneath. Boom. No leaking. Anyhow, that worked for me. Your mileage may vary.

I bet your clamps are way too big, when too big, they will crunch up like an oval, itll push in on 2 sides but push out on the other 2.

This is the reason i often dont use hose clamps. often they are more trouble then they are worth, bade hose clamps lead to the humping phenomena previosly described
I just bought the closest thing I could find at the hardware store, maybe I will try and get new ones....


the package says 5/16" X 7/8"
I have 3/8" tubing (6/16"? doesn't seem too far off, unless I am being dense)