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WU vs. Score? What is the deal?

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Unoriginal Macho Moderator
Oct 12, 2001
Los Angeles
I have folded 63 WU's but my score is only 51.1. How do these rankings work? Some people with 30 WU's have a higher score, just wondering why.

PS - Been folding on my Mac too! In case you don't know it is out for apple so all your "Mac" friends can be folding!
Bigger proteins are worth more. Eg. NativeBBA5s take my rig a couple of hours and are worth 0.6 points. ProtienAs take 36hours and are worth 5 points.

eg. I have completed only about 52 WUs but have a score of around 90. About 6 or 7 of my WUs have been time consuming 5 pointers.
nikhsub1 said:
Why I am getting such easy protiens then? I've got 3 CPU's folding...

Its all random. I usually get a random mix on my machine, a proteinA or two and then a few BBA5s. Its all luck really. Bigger proteins take longer and have time limits on them. 9 days for any of the Protien A types.
i had GNRA hairpins for two weeks straight and now i've have these 200 frame bbaw_hairpins/helixs for 2 days, and i'm pretty sure it'll be the same way for a while. i don't know if i've EVER seen a protiena. its getting old, it doesn't seem to be very random to me.