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Jul 25, 2003
Rio de Janeiro
hey, soon i will have that case, i was just wondering if someone else out there has one and used the cpu temp monitor that came with it, what i want to know is:

is it accurate?
how did u "install" it?

thanks in advanced

i don't know how accurate it is, but im assuming it has a thermal proble. for amds, just stick it somewhere on the pcb. For intels, if you want to remove the heatspreader, do that to get the most accurate reading. Second best would be on the side of the cpu, or finally you can stick it onto the heatsink. it should come with some special tape to allow you to do so.
as close as you can get it without it interfering with the contact between the cpu and the heatsink
hmm ill have to check it out wen the case comes i have very little knowledge in the subject to really think about how im going to do it,

thanks :)
hey, i know im not doing a very good job describing, maybe someone else can do better, but maybe when you get your parts you will have a better idea. you might want to stay away from removing the heatspreader if you have an intel unless you aren't afraid of ruining your processor.
its not you lol, just i dont have an image in my head of what the temp thing is going to look like. And the p4 is a m0 stepping one (ever seen one of those opened? hehehe)
yeh, lets hope so, i got it from azzo, and they kept one aside for becuase i was from the UK which was kinda nice :)