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x570 Gaming Plus and 5800X3d

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Mar 4, 2003
Hey there!

I just upgraded my CPU from a 5800x to a 5800x3D.
I wanted to make sure I had the best settings in my bios to maximize its performance.
Anyone shoot me a quick guide. I'm a bit rusty.

Changes I made:
Clicked XMP 2 (see ram in my signature)
Changed FCLK to 1800 (think this matches my ram and gets me infinity fabric coupled synchronous whatever the heck)
Clicked Game Boost (not sure what this does)
Changed PCIE to Gen 4 and some other setting right next to it to Gen 4. Not sure why 2 options. Also, I saw in older videos an option to change it from PCH to CPU...don't see that setting.
Enabled Resizable Bar
Enabled Crypto 4G something or other?

No Idea if I have this setup right. Guess I'm getting old. So many options these days. Would love a quick guide if its out there.

Also just realized. With my 5800x I was undervolting 25 on all cores and it would boost to 5ghz....This 5800x3D wont boost past 4.5ghz...I can't figure out out to undervolt this thing and increase its boost.
I enabled Kombo Strike 3....not sure what this does?
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You can google any of those settings or look in the motherboard manual to see what they actually do. I would not assume "game boost" or "Crypto 4G" are good things to enable if they are not enabled by default. Enabling things blindly is not usually a good way to improve performance, and the names of these settings are not always descriptive of what they do. On the other hand, it should not be difficult to verify the FCLK, Mem CLK and Ram speed are all the same, and anything regarding a ratio for those three settings should read 1:1 or 1:1:1.

If one was inclined to search through your specific BIOS manual and provide additional guidance, they wouldn't be able to because you haven't listed your motherboard model. I would advise to check your motherboard's CPU list and ensure the BIOS is updated for 5800x3D compatibility.

Finally, it doesn't look like you're going to be tuning the x3D in the same way you would another Ryzen CPU.
https://www.pcgamer.com/amds-ryzen-7-5800x3d-doesnt-support-overclocking-or-pbo-zilch/ said:
frequency and voltages are so intrinsically tied to how this cache works that any tweaking of the CPU's settings can upset the timings and throw the whole thing off.

Not only can you not overclock the chip, but underclocking is also out, as is undervolting, and eeking more performance out of it using PBO, AMD's Precision Boost Overdrive.

A quick search seems to indicate that some have gotten around these restrictions, but it involves downloading files from Git Hub that are not officially supported, so I'll let you find that on your own and do the appropriate (hopefully substantial) amount of research before installing unverified software that modifies the way your CPU behaves, and do so at your own risk of course.