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X79 vs X99 what is the difference ? also differences in Xeon CPUs and RAM types.

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Oct 2, 2018

I'm thinking of buying these budget combos from Aliexpress, which I was watching many times in YES TECH CITY channel, and I really liked the performance of these Xeon CPUs.

The goals for considering Xeon build:
1. The question that if I'm intending it for server application and the answer is that I'm not thinking of server stuff extensively right now. I want to test things out and want this rig to be for testing, and doing something to work as a server could be in the future.
2. As YES TECH CITY demonstrated that the Xeon works for gaming. But gaming is not my main goal as I have a gaming rig.
3. I have couple broken GPUs and want to try to fix one of them if I get lucky by any chance.
4. I'm considering this also for college computer laboratory upgrade. I work in a laboratory where there are Dell OptiPlex rigs with i5 3470 which run slow which is surprising ! I'm surprised that these rigs runs slow, their HDDs aren't full, there are average 4GB on each rig, and they run programming and design applications. So I think these cheap Xeon build

Now there are many different combos on Aliexpress. The question now is which one should I get ?

1. What's the difference between X79 vs X99 chipsets ? And which one should I get ?
2. Which Xeon CPU should I get ? There are E5 series and X series.
3. There are also ECC RAMs, and a new combo now coming with DDR4. So which one is better ?

These are quick options from Aliexpress:

1. E5 2620 V3 LGA 2011 with 16GB 2666MHz DDR4

--> there's a note in the product description about the RAM:
Memory type supported: non-ecc/reg ecc/ecc(The server ram can't work with the desktop ram, it has the compability problem.)

2. X79 Motherboard Set With LGA2011 Combos intel Xeon E5 2689 CPU 4pcs x 4GB = 16GB Memory DDR3 RAM 1333Mhz

--> this one has ECC memory