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x99 Asus Sabertooth - Only posting half of installed RAM

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Feb 8, 2009
Tempe AZ
Hi Everyone.

I put together a new machine today with the parts down in my signature.

The system recognizes 16GB of the installed Corsair RAM, however it has it clocked down to 2133. I've installed the RAM in the recommended slots per the manual, and am not sure what else to do...I bought two packs of Corsair Dominator Platinum - with two 8GB Dimms in each pack.

I've been reading up and it sounds like some guys have successfully increased voltage before the extra memory is recognized. Should i try this? If so, how much should i raise voltage by?

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Try raising memory voltage by 0.1.

You might also try increasing the voltage on the IMC (Integrated Memory Controller). Often it is labeled System Agent.

As far as the frequency goes, use the XMP setting in bios to automatically set the frequency and timings of the RAM to factory specs.

Have you upgraded ("flashed") the bios to the latest version? That would be the thing I would try first. Check your bios version in bios. Usually it's reported on the main bios page. Then go to the manufacturer's website and check to see if newer bioses have been released for that board that might correct the issue you are experiencing.