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X99 Deluxe - 5930K - 32GB DDR4 3000

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Mar 23, 2005
Been having a tough time getting clocks on this setup. Turns out system agent voltage was holding me back so set that at 1.02 and been having some luck.

Now at 4250, CPU voltage at 1.2875, RAM is doing DDR4 3000 at 125 bus, and 1.35V. Been AIDA64 stable for about 4 hours but keep seeing CPU volts in CPU-Z jump up to 1.362. Why? Am I toasting my chip here?

Also does report 1.875 or close to it, so not sure why the volts are jumping up like that. Has me a little worried.

1.750V didn't get past POST, so not sure if it's the RAM or just my chip. I'll be happy however far into the 4's I get, but I want the chip to be safe doing it.

- - - Updated - - -

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 6.48.57 PM.png
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Did you try adjusting the CPU vCore?
Can you post some screenshots of the frequency and voltage settings in your BIOS?
Yeah. I have the vcore set at 1.2875

Will do some screenshots in morn after test runs some more. Working tonight.
You'll need more vCore and more cooling than an H50 to OC much.
32gb @ 3k does put a lot stress on IMC...not surprised a small bump in SA voltage helped there.

1.28V for that clock isn't great...I've seen many around 1.2-1.25V. 1.36V certainly won't kill it, so no worries there.
Thanks guys. guess I need to update that sig, lol. Sold that system years ago.

I'm just getting started so I'm sure I can do better. I have a feeling RAM at 3000 is going to hold me back. I might drop it back to 2133

So much has changed since my last overclock. There are like a dozen new voltages to worry about, lol.

Which setting is causing my voltage to go that high? As stated, it's 1.2875 in the bios
The ram won't hold you back. I have 3k ram (4x4GB) and pushed my 5820k to 4.75ghz+. ;)

Outsode of that, you won't need to touch anything but vcore and multiplier on ambient cooling
Oh, I see that it's updated now.

Cat5, can you test with 42x on the CPU Frequency and 1.35V on the vCore?
Making some more progress this morning. That last test ran about 20 hours at 4.25. Now I'm up to 36 mult (4.5 GHz), and dropped the CPU volts to 1.25 and made it to windows so I see there's definitely more room today. Maybe it was a fluke I didn't POST at 1.275 yesterday. I'm going to shoot for 4.5 daily I think here, and see how much I can bring the volts down. My temps were touching in the high 80s on a couple of cores, running AIDA with the settings in the pic above.

Yes, cooler is H100i GTX. Can't fit bigger in this case. I have a subconscious feeling the circular thermal paste that came stock didn't cover the whole chip well. I have one core 10C cooler than my hottest. That drives me nuts! I know it's always like that, but I've not seen 10 degrees on any machine before. Usually 7 or so.

EDIT - Quick failure at 1.25. Bummer because the temps looked way better.
Anyone using intel burn test anymore or is it strictly AIDA64 nowadays?

Was always P95 and ITB for me. If I could sustain those I was golden.
You should be good to go @ 1.30V and 4.5GHz... try to lower it from there. :)

Any recommendation on that system Agent voltage? I don't want that getting in the way, making me think I need to crank CPU volts.

Also, any idea why my voltage pushed itself up in that test? Is it just the system sensing that i needed a boost?


I have CPU SVID Support on Auto as well as CPU input voltage (auto sets 1.92)
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have you tried with the memory at 2133 default just to rule it out? also, i smeared the paste a little installing my corsair h90 and had the same problem with certain cores running way hotter. a bb sized dot of arctic mx-2 in the center seems to have helped some.
I'd be absolutely floored if that killed something. Definitely clear the CMOS and try again.