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X99 Revival

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Jul 8, 2013
So about 7 months ago my x99 board stopped working (Gigabyte X99 UD3P)
as far as I can tell the board is fried, boot loops ever 3 secs and the firmware usb flashing function doesnt work anymore
a few weeks later I ended up buying a used Asrock X99 OC Formula (1st gen, non 3.1) when I got the board however it keeps throwing up error codes 19 - b0 - 53 (which are all ram/cpu errors) there are no bent pins or damage in the socket
I cleaned the cpu with isopropyl alcohol 91% and no change.

From the research I gathered it seemed to be a ram problem, the kit I had was an HyperX Fury 2666 8GBx2. Thinking that might be the problem I then purchased another ram kit of ADATA XPG 3000 4GBx2 and same error. Just to make sure it wasnt the ram I even got the lowest ram, a single stick of Crucial 2133 4GB and got the same errors. I returned the single crucial stick but kept the adata kit.

Because I was short on money at the time I just put everything aside and stuck my 8 year old c2d system in it. I even somehow set the world record e7300 overclock http://valid.x86.fr/vr4jaw I'm not sure how that happened as the cpu was on 3.66ghz but sent a 8ghz value online...

Now onto today, I would actually like to get this fixed, the c2d is bottlenecking the 390 pretty badly as you can imagine, particularly in fallout 4. I mainly play TF2 so its been mostly a non issue most of the time except for modern games.
I think my next course of action is to rma the gigabyte board and see if the cpu is also broken after I get the board back.

Other options:
I have a few weeks left of newegg premier (free shipping, free returns + no restocking fee) I could also try this if it works or not

Should I just rma the gigabyte board and go from there or buy the used board and try it?

The problem with the asrock board for rma is they want proof of purchase, since this was a review board (for this site infact http://www.overclockers.com/asrock-x99-oc-formula-motherboard-review/ ) I have no receipt so they want an extra $50 since its "out of warranty".
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I dunno, Joe. After going through two motherboards and several different RAM combos I would be looking at the CPU as the problem or maybe even the PSU.
Well I ended up finally sending in the gigabyte board for rma (9 months later after it broke...)
so I'll update it when I get it back to see if the asrock board or the cpu is broken, I am leaning at the cpu right now though

Doubt it's the psu, I have 3 different ones and all of them work fine with the core 2 duo rig.
Okay so gigabyte said they won't honor the rma now because the board got damaged during shipping, and its kinda hard to file an insurance claim because the board is a review item so I have no proof of value.

4719331810337SN151900050759 (1).jpg
So final update, I decided to do an rma on the cpu next, sent it in and they sent a new boxed one back (see here: http://www.overclockers.com/forums/...ou-get-today?p=8023449&viewfull=1#post8023449 )
put it in the asrock board and it boots fine now, so the gigabyte board did fry that chip

Since the board can't be rma'd now i'm just gonna toss it or sell it for parts.
I wont put this chip in that board out of fear it will take another cpu with it.
This did turn me off for gigabyte parts and won't be buying any more from them in the future, not that I even bought that board to begin with...