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Xbox One S Teardown

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May 29, 2005
I was searching the internet forever earlier this week just to figure out the hardware inside the Xbox One S. They finally posted the specs on 8/4-ish, after this teardown. Sounds underwhelming as far as performance goes :\


Anyone planning on getting one of these?

Note, this isn't the 'Scorpio' that has the upgraded hardware. It is mostly just a smaller box with a slightly overclocked graphics card, not sure what you were expecting regarding performance, I expected it to be approximately the same as the current XB1 with a bit more consistent FPS here and there


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Aug 5, 2002
It basically is what X360 got after a while. A refresh on the hardware, smaller and more power efficient.

The drastically smaller size, the reduction of power consumption by roughly 30-45% depending on the activity, inclusion of the brick of power, and UHD Bluray drive is the big things. Those are the perks, and typically whats seen with a new revision later in the cycle. Making the console better but keeping things the same. Now having the updated controller was something that hasn't happened in the past, heck even the minor upgrade (think it was 11% GPU increase) for HDR is new territory for anyone. While yes it should help the studdering issues people might have in some games and close that gap up with the stock PS4.

Though as owning both the PS4 and Xbox One for upgrades. While both companies state it currently... you can play the games on both consoles, you won't be loosing out or having to buy new games. An advantage of owning a new one right now, well see a breakdown of my answers below. Though of course if there is extra processing power I'm sure eventually gaming companies will start utilizing it and start to alienate previous user base. Think similar to a smart phone, Apple echo system as a good example. Games work and work on almost all version til.... iPhone 5S required for this game or this version of the OS is required but I got a model of phone I can't upgrade.

As for each at least of the Xbox or PS4 upgrades -

While the Xbox One S sounds nice, smaller, larger HDD, etc... for me really holds minimal interest. For one they did **** poor planning on releases and naming. They let slip Scorpio (which many think is the S) that will blow away everything that is on consoles today before they really announced anything for the Xbox One S. While yes if you have a 4k TV, want 4k Blurays, and want great looking games and have a HDR compatible TV (4k of course) then it might be worth it. Otherwise I have a feeling many will wait for the "next" current gen console due next year, really that is what I'll be aiming for/looking at if there is a good reason to upgrade.

Now if speaking about the PS4 Neo. While it basically sounds if you want VR you basically should get this console, no if ands or buts. With the increased performance while from what we've been seeing so far looks decent I'm a little on the edge of pulling the trigger thinking the new one will all worth it. Faster CPU (1.6 to 2.1Ghz), improved GPU (18 units to 36 + extra mhz) thats a drastic improvement of hardware. Less than that of the rumored Scorpio but that is a very large upgrade that is well worth taking a look at when its released. Improved game FPS, maybe even getting games that was at 30FPS going to 60FPS locked. This potentially is a worthy upgrade and will have to watch and see what comes about over the next 1-2 months with release information and even the supposed release date.

Xbox One S = Only if you have 4K movie interest / 4K TV with HDR / or just getting your first Xbox One console... no other reason to upgrade unless you like spending money
PS4 Neo = To be seen, but this might be a worthy upgrade / buy potential... just have to wait to see how things play out.