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Xbox Q's

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May 21, 2001
friend of mine is selling is xbox:

xbox for sale - 4 months old, barely used
2 controllers
dvd remote
5 games:
rallysport challenge
hunter: the reckoning
circus maximus

$500 canadian,= like 330 US
i've only heard of THPS3, the others i don't know...

u think this is a good deal??

any of u tried these other games??

how is DVD playback on the Xbox?

oh and is it regional like psx? can i take it with my to europe and be able to buy games from there and play it there for example?
In my expeirence the DVD playback is as good as my regular DVD I have, but my DVD player is kinda old so i dunno.

on the games, I have played them all:

Rallysport Challenge: very good rally game, I love it- good graphics, good controlls, lots of fun in my opinion.

hunter: the reckoning: Its good if u have friends to play with. When I had 3 others joining me I enjoyed it a lot, but alone it got kinda boring and frustrating.

thps3: Before I just got tony hawk 4 I thought it was the best skating game of all time :).

Wreckless: I thought it was alright- others liked it more than me.

circus maximus: again i didnt think it was THAT great but others seem to. Its fun if you have 2 people. Its in ancient roman times and u race on carts pulled by horses. One person drives one person sits in the ack and hits your oponents.

I suggest you look for reviews too, to get more opinons.

as for the regional question, I dunno.

To be honest I do not think its worth 330$ US dollars.
You would be better off getting it at a used gamestore and chosing the games you want; at least here in So Cal, USA there a lot of used video game stores with very competetive prices. Just my thoughts.....
DVD playback is damn good, it actually has progressive scanning (although its not enabled yet)
its a pretty good deal, but why doesn't he have halo?
X-Box new here in the US is $200 add $50 for each game you want. But that's the rub with what you are getting. You can't pick the games. I would say that you never herd of those games. I buy it for $250 US that would be a good deal for games you can't pick + the dvd controller. Yes it plays DVDs very well, nice quality.