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Xelo mx440

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its a decent chipset but not for that price...look around for a Geforce3 Ti200 or Radeon8500 or even a radeon 9000Pro....all are better cards can that and with some looking you cna find them for that price....for 10$ more i know you can find a high quality Radeon 8500LE
This is at a local store...so no shipping. Wont be much chepaer than this I think. The same store hase the 9000pro(retail) for $120. I need it tommorw so I have to buy it at that store.
if you didnt absolutely need it tomorrow i would suggest www.newegg.com where i got my 8500LE for 86$ shipped.....far superior to an MX440

and if you must buy locally, then the 9000Pro is definately not worth the extra 50$....get the MX440 then
CrystalMethod said:
I'd go for the 9000 personally. It's a much better card for the price, and the performance will let you go a little longer before you upgrade.

for 120$?
yeah, the only thing that worrys me about the MX440 is that it is made by Xelo, ive never heard of em lol

there seems to be a couple of reviews on them that i googled, but all are in german :(
There are many brands in Europe that are unknown in the US. ATI is mainly to blame for that, since they have decided that no cards made by ATI is to be sold in Europe. Xelo is one of many 3rd party manufacturers that mainly makes ATI cards, even though they also offer some nvidia models. However it seems that is intended for the german market, and that is a good thing since Germans are really picky(Visiontek!).
LOL today I got a case delivered to me that has a 300w psu instead of a 400w psu as I ordered. Im taking the $120 in credit and buying a vga card instead. Only I cant buy an ATI with this retailer as they are insanely expensive on them, they want $500 for an 9700.

However they have resonable pricing on GeForce 4 cards from PNY, Inno3D and Creative. Either a ti4200 or a ti4600 from´on of them.

Which manufacturer do you think I shoud go with funny?