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Xoxide sale letter

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Jun 21, 2004
For those of you that dont get xoxide newsletter here are the deals quotes from the email Welcome one and all to the fourth issue of the Official Xoxide Newsletter! We would like to welcome the hundreds of you that are brand new to our newsletter and welcome back the thousands that have been here before. To all of you, we have some awesome deals on some great products below.

In the last issue, we gave you huge discounts on six great products. Now we want to give you the opportunity to save on six more. This week we are featuring rock bottom pricing on five popular items and one really nifty case. The deals below are good for one week only, expiring on October 1st, 2004. To receive the prices listed with these items, you must use the coupon code below each product when checking out.

Don't Miss Out! Coupons Expire Friday October 1st!

Thermaltake X-Ray Cigarette Adaptor / Beverage Holder Ultra X-Connect 500 Watt ATX Power Supply (Black) Dual Blue Cold Cathode Kit

Regular: $15.49
With Coupon: $8.50
Coupon Code: smokethem

Regular: $104.99
With Coupon: $79.99
Coupon Code: exconn

Regular: $7.99
With Coupon: $3.60
Coupon Code: lightblue

Green UV Cold Cathode 80mm Fan Chenbro Xpider Case (Blue) Xoxide Wire Sleeving Kit (UV Blue)

Regular: $9.99
With Coupon: $3.25
Coupon Code: youveegreen

Regular: $53.99
With Coupon: $36.50
Coupon Code: xpidyblue

Regular: $8.99
With Coupon: $4.75
Coupon Code: bluesleevd

Coming Soon
In this edition, we bring you a sneak peek at our newest caffeine product due to hit the shelves like a freight train. FOOSH Energy Mints are packed with the power of caffeine plus a proprietary blend of ginseng, taurine, and five B vitamins! Each FOOSH mint contains more caffeine then an entire can of Red Bull, 2 cups of tea, 3 cans of Coke, or 13 of the leading brand's of caffeinated mints! The mints are made with real peppermint, and deliver a burst of breath freshening flavor to your mouth. So keep your eyes glued to our new product section for the arrival of this great new product that's guaranteed to make all of you depraved caffeine junkies go wild.

So, that's it for our fourth issue of the Official Xoxide Newsletter! Be sure to tell your friends and family to sign up to receive this newsletter, because as more people respond to our special offers, we will be able to give even bigger discounts on our products in the future. So, until next time, love the geek you are.


New caffine product :clap:


Feb 23, 2004
Charlotte, NC
so um, yea you can get all of this for cheaper at svc, even cheaper than their sale prices.

and xoxide just ****s you over especially with their ****ty customerservice and shipping prices....


Jul 30, 2004
Elk Grove, CA
good price on that psu. i agree that svc is cheaper but lately they been making a few mistakes for me when ordering. thx for the deals ice.


Jul 14, 2002
This email is to confirm the receipt of your recent order from Xoxide.com

Thanks! great deal!