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Xp 1700+ Fsb

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Mar 24, 2001
Ontario Canada
what FSB can you guys hit with your LOCKED 1700+ (or defalt multiplier)

am using generic ram and tossing it for some samsung pc3000 ram and wondering how much i should attecpt
it runs 148 rockstable and 150 semi stable with max voltage to ram. my chip is akaga and the ram should hit around 180+fsb am hoping for 155 or higher.
I got mine up to about 156FSB. It wasn't very stable but it ran at 1.84V@40*C. Total Speed = 1706Mhz
I was able to boot into windows at 166 fsb and 2.0 Vcore, but it was overheating and kept rebooting.

I'm only using air cooling. (Alpha 8045 / 50 CFM sunon.)
mine is at 149 fsb rock stable. But like I was told before, I need to unlock to get the potential out of it. My mb will only get the fsb up to 149, so no other option but unlock.:D
i can currently run 148 with +0.050v rock stable (stressed for 24 hours no probs) i cannot boot @ anything above 148 will not boot with +0.075v but its not stable. the ram is +0.70v @ +0.20v the computer will not even boot. the ram is apacer generic stuff and i think its whats holding me back so am geting some 333 ram witch i hope to hit a higher fsb.
If you want to make sure that your RAM is bottlenecking, try using the 3/4 divider first jsut to make sure. It will make your RAM run at 100 FSB instead of 133. See if you can go higher with that.