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XP 2000+ OC Question

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Jun 2, 2003
Sy Louis
Hi All;

I am in the process of OC my first build. I have the following setup.

CPU-XP 2000+
Mobo-EPox 8RDA+
RAM-Corsair 400DDR 512 CS2
Vid-Geforce TI4200
Sound- Nforce2

I am currently running stable at 12.5 X 150=1875. My CPU temp stays between 42 and 48

I have been doing some reading in regard to closing my bridge so to change my multipliers. Before I did this I was wondering if anyone would share there OC settings they have found most stable for the 2000+? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
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May 26, 2003
Somewhere I belong
My Experince

I've overlcoked to 1812.5 MHz but it didn't hold well due to my mem pron i think cause it's only 256 mb pc 2100! But hoping to get pc 2700 soonand try it. Currently my biggest prob is the heat cause it always goes to 60C quickly when i work in the m/c. So far my every attempt to cool it didm't work quite well, I'm doing these ause my copper heat sink is still 2 weeks aways before that i want to check my every angle. My mobo is ont thing i personally don't like but can't help cause i already brought it. (MSI KT4V ultra)