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XP 2000+, palomino, thoughbred-A (680) or thoughbred-B (681)?

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Oct 14, 2002
I'm shooting for a xp2000+ this friday on a fair.
But i have a Msi k7t turbo LE rev. 3.0
What proc. is it if i buy a xp 2000+.
And can my mobo support palomino, thoughbred-A (680) and thoughbred-B (681)?
And the steppings: AGOGA and AGOIA.
What core do they have?
You may have to wait quite a while for a 2000+ T-Bred 'B". I haven't even seen "B"'s below 2400+ yet and in fact just now starting to see slower speed "A"'s in the 1700-1800+ range. So far 1900,2000, and 2100+ CPU's still seem to be Palaminos. I'm sure one of the other Members may have, But at this point, any 2000+ cpu you find is going to be a Palamino probably.

"A"'s I've seen for sale - 1700,1800,2200. @ newegg among others.
"B"'s - 2400+ on up

Quote "What proc. is it if i buy a xp 2000+.".... It could theoretically be a Palamino, an "A", or a "B". The XP2000+ speed grade shows up in all the AMD spec sheets for each Processor. (Right now mainly Palamino's still at this speed)

Mobo support is a question your Mobo Maker should be able to answer. Flashing the latest Bios may provide support if it isn't already. Nothing really changed in the way the CPU works so all the motherboard really needs to support is the 12.5 multiplier.
Palamino, "A", or "B" shouldn't matter too much except for the ID string and the POST screen.

The AGOGA and AGOIA steppings are Palamino steppings... don't know what they changed to when going to "A" and "B"
Thanx for the info, i'm going to ask at mobo's if my mobo will support all the 3 different cores.