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xp 2100

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Feb 26, 2002
what is the vcore defalt of athlon xp 2100

i run my xp 1900 @ 2100 but 1.90 vcore

recomendations plz??

i can run a less vcore???
the default vcore for the XP family is 1.75V
you can decrease your vcore a bit, and see if your system is still stable. if its stable, try a little less. if not, then you have to up the vcore again.
Try it at stock. The worst that'll happen is it won't boot, then you go back to 1.9, and go down in steps until it's no longer stable. The lower you get your vcore, the cooler your prcessor will be.

is 1.75 V. if you are REALLY having trouble you could either: A, run it undervolted (-.1 or so) or B, do what I did and add a 7000 rpm 60MM YS Tech fan to your HSF and a 120MM AC powered fan to your case, sucking cold air onto your cpu. Sounds like a jet engine, but at 1.6, its worth it to me.