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XP 2200+ and NF7-S v.20 Results

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Oct 21, 2004
London, Canada
Thought I dedicate this forum to those individuals who've helped me reach the performance speed as indicated in the signature!

I started out only getting a 2.1 Ghz overclock (from a 1.8 stock) with a cheap overclocking boad called the ASRock K7MV2. However, when I switched over to the NF7-S monster I managed to raise the Vcore even more and reach 2.25 stable.

For some bizarre reason I couldn't move past the FSB 166 barrier (multiplier locked at 13.5) until I read some threads on this site.

With ACIP enabled in the BIOS, the board won't let you overclock past that point unless you disable it. You then have to reinstall Windows XP (I had to reformat my drive actually) leaving ACIP disabled always and then try to overclock.

As for voltages here is the summary:

2106 Mhz at 1.7 Vcore
2250 Mhz at 1.8 Vcore
2340 Mhz at 1.875 Vcore

I can't seem to go past the 174 FSB X 13.5 speed but that's probably because of the cheap PC2100 Ram I'm using. I'll get Dual Channel Platinum PC3200s in about a month and we'll see where the the final overclock will end up.

But until then I'd like to thank all those that have contributed to this site.
Without it I wouldn't be basking in the glory of accomplishment we all get when we achieve succesfful overclocks.

Right on! :santa: