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XP and BIOS flashing

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repo man11

Dec 28, 2001
I was trying to help Klownin79 flash his BIOS on an XP system. I know XP doesn't have DOS, so I reccomended he go to bootdisk.com, and download their DOS flash disk. He was still having problems with "invalid system disk", so I tried it myself, and I found out that the Dr.DOS disc is an executable, if you load it directly to the floppy, it doesn't work. Click on it, it writes the files to your floppy, and it works, or at least it did in my machine. I thought I had the problem solved, but he said his machine gave him "format not supported". What has been your experience with XP and BIOS flashing?
You are correct, the DR_DOS floppy from bootdisk.com is a exe which writes files to the floppy (which I have done using WinXP Home and Professional using this file/software ) you then need to copy the flash utility and bios file to the disk.. Simple and easy.

I would suggest that possibly Klownin79 may be having floppy problems, either with the actual drive, controller or cable.. are other floppys usable ?? such as a Win98 boot disk ?
Good question. The "format not supported" is where we stopped. After he posted that, I wanted to hear from someone who had done a flash with XP, to make sure I wasn't giving him bogus info. I don't have any direct experience with XP. I also don't know if he got that message when trying to load the DR. DOS files to his floppy, or when he was trying to boot from it. The thread is under "Soyo AMD boards". PS; Thanks for letting me know, I was beginning to think I was sending him on a wild goose chase!
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Is it possible to use a boot disk and then go to the hard drive and flash in the new bios??? I remember doing it under winME. My floppy drive is on its last leg and I don't want a bad flash.
You should be able to do that. Save the flash utility and BIOS file on your harddrive, use the boot floppy to get to the A:, and then go to the folder you saved them to. I don't think there'd be any rpoblem.