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XP and Dual MB compatability ?

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Apr 5, 2001
Near Berkely, California
I'm building a dual setup on a used Tyan Tiger MP S2460 MB a friend of mine purchased with dual 1800 processors. To my surprise the cpu's were XP's, not MP's. My question is: will the functionality of this board be impaired by running XP's, instead of MP's ? Also, my friend wants to install a piece of hardware that requires a dual processor board, (a Canopus Rex video card), and am wondering if this card will require an MP processor. I've poked around this forum a bit, and determined that the chips are early XP's, (4th L5 bridge uncut), so they will run, but will they be somewhat limited in their functionality, over that of a board running MP's ? This is my first attempt at building a dual setup, and dont like these kinds ofd questions so early in the process. Any help or advive will be greatly appreciated. Also, Tyans website says the 1900 is the fastest chip this board will run. Anybody know if it'll run faster models ?


Jul 24, 2001
Sorry.. the bad news is your SOL those chips will be useless... you will be completely limited...

haha just kidding, the truth is that there is no physical difference between the Xp' and the Mp', aside from teh bridges. the MP only certifies that it will work in SMP or they will replace it.. out of the couple hundred people ive seen with Xp's in smp only a few didnt work and that was cause one of the cpus was dead anyway.

infact within a matter of days my Dual XP system will come to life.


Sparkomatic Moderator
Apr 29, 2002
Disregarding the cut but fixable L5 issue, is there a version limit on XPs that will work like say the fastest ones vs the slower 1600s

Also will the Bartons work on a newer socket 'A' duallie like MSI?



Mar 7, 2002
San diego or UC Davis
They should run, and I don't see any reason that they would be limited in anyway.

The only question, will be if the Tyan board will like the chips.


Dec 31, 2001
the tyan board will run them.. Everything should be just fine as long as the 4th L5 bridge (the last one) is connected.


IT Director Senior
Oct 15, 2001
No one knows the answer to the Barton question, yet. People can speculate, but no official word has been given.

Hammers will be a different chipset entirely.


Inactive Super Quad Mod
Oct 25, 2001
The Bartons will be on a 333mhz bus speed. So, unless they make a different version with a 266mhz FSB, the current AMD chipsets will be useless. We'll probably see a new Athlon SMP chipset released soon - both to accomodate the MP 2800+ when it arrives and the future Bartons, both of which will have a 333mhz FSB.