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XP Home no faster than ME

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Dec 21, 2001
Ive done a study on which is the faster cruncher out of XP and ME,I thought with ME being so slow in everything eles it would be a slow cruncher compared to XP,well on my 933 P3 there was no difference at all,so I guess I can stick with the ME so I don't have to buy another copy of XP.
I will soon have a MB that I can adjust,this Gateway MB wont let you blow your nose while you are in the Bios..:D
So I will try other avenues to get this thing to crunch better:rolleyes:
Well done bro! I was thinking about doing the same thing.

I've heard that the difference between the OS's are pretty
much nill.

I'll run some tests myself and maybe we can put this thing
to rest...

I'd really like to unlock my XPs and update the BIOS on my
damn XP333 board and see what's what!!
Yep - I've run 95, 98, NT 4&5, XP, ME, and redhat. There's hardly any difference. The determining factor is hardware.