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XP Home's identity crisis

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Nov 30, 2001
Ok this may technically considered a rant, but i'm not bad mouthing The OS. I would just like to see if others agree with me.

The question i pose it that : Is XP Home Win9x NT or Win 2k lite? Home definetly suffers a split personality disorder. Meaning that it shares characteristics from 2k and 9x. First off it does indeed have a NT kernel, so that's one 2k similarity. Also it does support NTFS5, again a check under the 2k column. Next it does make use of the MMC, but some features are taken away from its 2k counterpart. Another 2k similarity, it provides you with the very handy disk management tool. It sure does beat the hell out of using FDISK right? A big similarity is the fact that you can use the Recovery Console, now this is a feature that was introduced w/2K. And another aspect which makes this OS similar to 2k is that you can access most of the menus and programs can be accessed in home as you did in 2k. Lastly, Home also includes the administrative tools folder in the control panel. You won't find that in 9x! To keep this short, i'll stop my list here. But there are alot more features which are similar to 2K.

Now here are some differences from 2k that XP Home has. First of all where is the Winnt folder!?!? Home stores all it's system files in the windows folder, just like Win9x. Next, although Home does support NTFS file system, how come you can't set folder/file permissions!?!? The only permissions you can set are those that a similar to those of 9x. Also on user accounts, there are only TWO that's right only TWO types of user accounts!!! That being Administrator and Limited access. Which is rather lame in my opinion. Although Home's security is much better then 9x! Remember how in 9x if you didn't have a password? No problem just hit cancel and have full access over everything. Another contrast would be that in Home you cannot create groups, which leaves your network with alot to be desired. And what's this, you can use the setup.exe file to begin the installation process, this is so win9x (but also to set the record straight, you can also go into the i386 folder and use winnt32 to begin the installation process i.e. win2k). I could probably go on for about another good hour or so, but no one will probably not even read this far down. And if you are reading this far down, then i appreciate that you took time out to read this post.

I still have a few questions about Home. One is the fact that does home use ERDs?? The Rdisk command does not work, and the Windows backup utility is missing from my system tools folder. And lastly, does anyone still use FAT16 for their file system?

Verdict : I think that XP Home is more of a Wink 2k Pro Lite rather then a Win9x NT OS. If anyone has anymore input on the topic feel free to share your info,opinions, or views. And the last question is for all the XP Pro users, is it identical to 2K!?!?


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Feb 20, 2001
- WinXP pro stores windows in C:\windows as well
- It supports NTFS and Dual CPUS.
- It comes with IIS


Oni-ni-Kanab;, Ninja Hippo eater Moderator
Apr 5, 2001
St. Catharines, Ontario Canada
The Story of Windows XP:

One day, while working in his secret underground lab with his thousands of coder-monkeys, the one called Bill thought to himself: "If I can take the best things out of Windows 2000 and the best things out of Win9x, add in something called .Net (that nobody will really understand) and crank it out really quickly with some catchy graphics and commercials featuring a song by a quasi-popular music artist, I'll be able to make millions off of the gullable fools!" He laughed maniacally for many a moment after this thought, while his monkeys cowered in fear and awe.

Unfortunately, Bill had forgotten one very important thing: there are no good things about Win9x!

Later that day, the head monkey wearily brought forth the final, gold-edition CD for Bill's final approval. Bill took the CD and placed it into his CD ROM tray, and pressed the close button. The drive slid closed with a slight whisper. The room went silent as they waited in anticipation for the new logo to appear. And appear it did, much to Bill's delight! The monkeys sighed with relief, and lit their Camels and their Du Mauriers and their Lucky Strikes and breathed deeply of that which they were deprived of for so long while chained to their keyboards deep in the labrinth known as Microsoft Headquarters.

With the successful launch of the Autorun application, and the splash screen in place, Bill ejected the CD and carefully picked it up off of the tray. Carefully, he carried it over to the Master Press, and placed it gingerly within, making sure to close the door tightly, to make sure no dust or monkey hair was to get inside and ruin his masterpiece. He then walked quickly over to the large switch on the wall near the Master Press, and threw it. The machine came roaring to life, quickly and efficiently pressing coppies of his new Operating System.

"I will call it Windows XP!" He declaired to the monkeys

They stared at him in terror and confusion. Until one monkey was brave enough to endure the Wrath of Bill to ask this simple question:

"Why Windows XP, oh master?"

Rather than scold the poor creature, he smiled, and explained, saying simply:

"Because it is a crossing of Windows 9X and Windows 2000 Professional. Mind you, the public will probably be told tripe about eXPerience, or somesuch rot that the PR gnomes will come up with later." He smiled then. A cold, bitter smile, and laughed insanely at what he had formed. The perfect melding of bloatware, and privacy invasion. His hateful laugh echoed throughout the hallways of Microsoft Headquarters, striking fear in the hearts of all that heard it.

I hope you enjoyed that :D


Jul 27, 2001
Ha ha ha ha ha
Ive had a really bad day but this has brought a smile to my face.



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Feb 20, 2001
Well no wonder XP is so buggy - written by monkeys. lol.

Whats that old saying?
"An infinate number of monkeys at an infinite number of computers will eventually produce a windows operating system..:D"