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XP repair install and multi partitions

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May 3, 2002
Has any one done a XP repair install with multable partions. Does the repair install only effect the active partion? Does the active partion get reformated? What about settings, do they stay the same? And one last question....Think I'll have to reactivate XP again?! I think I know the answers but I'd like some reinforcements before I try this. I have a few problems and I think my next step is a reinstall!

i think ull create more problems than you'll solve by trying to fix an installation as it never seems to fix it all the way... when ure system is screwed.... reformat... at least thats my $.02
Hey guys thank for the tips. I guess the main thing I'm trying to avoid is to reactivate. I'm gonna build a new system soon and I'd rather reactivate then. So with that in mind I'm gonna try a repair. I know a clean install would be best.
I have one more question....say I do a fresh install with my current hard drive. Can I install it only to the C partition I already have? All my data and apps are on other partitions. Or will I have to compleatly wipe the disc and create new partitions?

Thanks again
instead of reformating or doing a repair try this,go to command promt,type sfc /scannow.it will ask for the installation cd and replace all windows protected system files that have been corrupted or wrongly overwritten by other software.

this will keep you from having to reactivate xp.

p.s. sfc stands for system file checker and language and switches can be found by clicking help and typing in system file checker.