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XP versus MP

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Feb 5, 2001
FLorence AL
Well with the prices droping on XP chips...Im thinking about putting a faster chip in my Soyo Dragon plus (Im using a T bird 950 now) what is the main difference between a XP and MP CPU ? I thought the XP was the latest generation (untill the thorubread) of CPU ?? but on price watch the MP chips seem to command about the same price ??

Im sorry if this has been covered several time already...but thanks for the information.

Dwight P:D


May 21, 2001
you're right it has been posted several times..
next time try the search function, comes in real handy :D

the jist of it is

XP and MP are the same...

except MP's are tested and guaranteed to work in an SMP solution, and some of the XP's have a cut bridge to prevent them from working in SMP, but it is simple to remedy...

AMD just charges a premium for the MP's... other than that no real difference


Mar 25, 2002
Overclocka City, Oklahoma
i just got a new batch step AGOGA XP1800, they forgot to burn L5 bridges... its also mp capable, but i havent got a dually baord to check it though
MP is unlocked, XP locked


Dec 5, 2001
Only the XP 2000 and 2100 are anit-SMP. For a single proc rig go with the XP. The only difference in that case is that the MP is unlocked, the XP is locked.


Senior Member
Jan 23, 2001
Pittsburgh Pa
Cluster said:
Only the XP 2000 and 2100 are anit-SMP. For a single proc rig go with the XP. The only difference in that case is that the MP is unlocked, the XP is locked.

On the contrary, some of later lower speed XP's have had SMP disabled as well. It is an easy fix though. It seems that AMD has cut an additional L5 bridge to do this. Although they are "laser cut" and there is a pit, unlike the L1's, you don't have to fill this pit. You only need to connect the bridge with some sort of conductive paint. I know this because I've done it and presently have a couple of XP1600+ CPU's running at 1575MHz (1800+) on a Tyan 2460.

Other than this, the information in the above posts is correct, XP's are locked, MP's are not.

Good Luck!


New Member
Apr 9, 2002
Hong Kong
Overclock MP 1600 with Tyan 2460

Hi Frank and Co.

I have been searching the net to find instructions on how to overclock my AMD MP 1600 + coupled with a Tyan 2460 system board. I finally found this forum, phew.

Can you please help me? Do you have instructions at hand or is there an URL with instructions? The closest I could find was: http://www.tweakers.com.au/articles/cpu_mem/overclocking_xp/page1.asp which mentions FSB a lot but does not explain how to increase that...Looking at my manual I can see a choice of running the system board at 200MHZ or 266MHZ by setting jumper 52 & 53 and 48 & 49...

I want to start overclocking my single MP 1600 + and want to add another one at a later stage. Should I stick with an MP processor or can it also be a XP 1600?

I read someplace else that MPs run very cool and are therefore ideal candidates for overclocking. I am using a Lian-Li PC-5 case.

Thanks in advance,
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The Coolest

Senior Member
Jul 29, 2001
I think that the T-Birds should do OK in an SMP, but I'm not 100% sure about this... but they should be, I heared of ppl making it work w/o any problems