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XP vs 98 overclocking

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Oct 8, 2001
hey yas there

just changed to XP pro from win98 and have noticed that i can overclock and boot into windows XP about 5mhz higher than 98.
is there any reason for this or is normal? or is it just because XP suppost to be more stable and it may take a little longer for a freeze/lockup to occur?
the point is i know my computer(BX440) can only do 145mhz fsb stable, do you think that i have a chance at 150mhz? or am i hoping for a miracle?



Dec 15, 2001
Actually, most people find it a little harder to overclock on an NT OS because of memory! Nt-based OS's have much better memory management, and as such, any flaws in your memory will cause a once stable oc in 9x to become unstable in NT...congrats on your success, however, it sounds like you have a very stable oc :D


Dec 19, 2000
Michigan, USA
I had the same luck..
When I overclocked my T-Bird 1.2 past 1488 in Win98SE, I would lose the ability to have my USB mouse, any higher and it would lock.
Now, with XP, I was able to run it at 1507 with no problems.
Also I then upgraded my PSU from 300 to 400 watts.
Now my system is running stable in all versions of Windows at 1533 MHZ.