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XP1600+ @ 1.63GHz with KT7A-RAID V1.0

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Jul 14, 2001
Edmonton, Alberta

I have an XP1600+ for a little while and I've overclocked it to 1.63GHz by just upping the FSB. The maximum FSB on the KT7A-RAID V1.0 is 155MHz DDR FSB (310MHz Bus).

I have included a picture of full benchmarks for my system. Remember, this is an XP processor running on an earlier revision Abit KT7A (V1.0).

My system setup is in my sig, except for the experimental XP1600+ processor that I will use for the week.

The processor is running 10.5 X 155 with 1.75Vcore. I have absolutely no stability issues with this CPU. This is an AGOIA stepping processor.

The only downside to the KT7A is that when you go past 145 FSB, you must disable the AGP4X and use AGP2X to correct the video interface from crashing.

The MoBo is running 310MHz Bus with 3.8V I.O

Anyone else with an XP processor and the Abit KT7A, please post your results here!

p.s - Dont forget to look at my screeny image.

I've got my XP 1600+ @ 1600 mhz (10.5 x 152) right now running at 1.7v's. Seem's stable so far. I'm going to wait a bit to up the FSB some more just to make sure it's stable.
How come you only have it for a week?

And I dont see the pic either.....
maybe now!

I PUT into zip file, just unzip and youll see the jpeg

EDIT: Finally!!, sorry about that, the forum wouldnt let me upload a jpeg for some reason??