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XP1600 Ques!!!

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Jan 16, 2002
hey guys should i sue some kinda grease for imbetween the cpu and HSF i never used anythign liek that artic stuff but i was thinking should i? and are shims any good?
a thermal compound is a must!!! i highly recommend artic silver 3. It is very easy to put on and gets great results. just a thin coat is all you need. Shims have their place. If you are using a big water block or huge HSF then you might consider a shim if you are afraid you are going to crush/crack the core. I put one on mine to be sure. You don't have too obviously and there are many here that don't use them and everything is fine.
ok cool so were do i put the artic 3 on the bottom of the HSF or were on cpu? i dont wana mess anything up
apply a thin layed to the bottom of the hsf, or on the cpu core, either way it'll work, its just important to get a nice layed between the core and the hsf to improve contact area and thermal conductivity.