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xp1600 temps?

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Oct 12, 2002
San Diego
I increased the fsb on my ECS K7S5A w/xp1600 just a bit in the BIOS and I was wondering at what cpu temp should I start to get worried. I have a coolermaster hsf, no thermal paste, no case fans. Right now the BIOS and SANDRA say 48C under normal load...are these accurate temps? Can my mobo give accurate temps or do I need to download different software..? I'm not sure...

Any suggestions are appreciated..


I'd say those temps are not very accurate. I just played with a friend's ecs k7s5a with xp2100 today. It showed unloaded temps at 39C one minute and after a reboot but at the same clock speed it then showed 52C. Get yourself some thermal paste and pull of your side panel if you want to OC without compromising stability or damaging your cpu.

If you want accurate temps, try a compu-nurse. They come with 2 probes and cost around $15 US.
Do you think those readings are higher than what the cpu's temp is or lower..?
I'm new at this so I don't want to fry anything until I know what the heck's goin on...I probably need a better hsf...As far as thermal paste I read somewhere that AMD doesn't recommend it.
Wow.....no paste? You trying to fry that proc? I am not sure were you got the amd info, but it is a must have. Get some artic silver 3 and slap on a thin layer for protection. your temp will go down. Your hs is okay but first off is the paste.