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XP2000+ fried or MOBO or RAM?

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Da Whip

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Feb 2, 2001
Sunny Florida, you can keep the midwest!!
Well it has not been a good evening. I am building a system for someone and it crapped out. Here are the specs;
MOBO - Iwill XP333 ver. 2.1
CPU - Athlon XP 2000+
HDD - Maxtor D740X 80gig
GPU - Gainward GF3 Ti 200 Golden Sample 128mb
RAM - Samsung PC-2700 DDR 333 2x256mb
DVD - Lite On LTD 16X
CDRW - Lite On - 16x10x40

I assembled everything last night and powered up okay. I started loading WinXP Pro tonite and had BSOD ( IRQL_LES_OR_EQUAL). Went to the forums and was told from previous threads that it could be memory related. I removed 1 of the sticks of RAM and it let me load Windoze.
I thouhgt I was free and clear...HAHA! Loaded a few drivers and such. Reboot , no prob. Restarted and went into the bios to check settings. Notice that it had me @ 100mhz FSB and only 1250mhz CPU. I upped the FSB to 133 and rebooted. Locked up in desktop, said I had a serious error, but I could not get mouse or keyboard to respond. Reboot, nothing, no beeps, bells or whistles.
I have;
Cleared CMOS
Disconnect and reconnect everything
Removed and reseated HSF and CPU
Nothing is working. HELP of any kind is great. I need to get paid for this job.
I have built 2- ECS K7S5A systems, 1- PChips(piece of crap) system and 2- Iwill XP333 systems with little or no problems. These were all w/ XP1800+ CPU's. Has it something to do w/ the XP2000+?
Could be the cpu or mobo.
I got the same symptoms when I fried my 1200 tbird and my mobo went dead last week (2 days apart).
if your CPU is fried, you can't even get into POST, you can't even boot.(learn this from painful experience, see my rig >_<) so i think its your RAM. try using other DDRam in this system, and you will know if its ram or not.

edit: sorry, missed the last part. Then i think your cpu is gone:(
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If it was loaded into 100mhz fsb, then it was going into system safe mode. This usually indicates that the problem is with the cpu. You should test the CPU out on another machine, or test another cpu on that machine. Either way have it tested, and get it replaced. Good Luck.
This is gonna sound silly, but...

Try disabling fast-writes in the BIOS, if they aren't already.

When I had a GeForce3 in one of the machines here, it would give me that error repeatedly, until eventually I turned fast-writes off. Then, it continued working properly. This seems to be a pretty generic error code....My brother also used to get it while playing Diablo2 with his Radeon 8500, until he dumped the old drivers for newer ones. Weird issue.
I just tried a different CPU (XP1800+) nothing, no sounds or even signal to monitor. I swapped Video Cards, NADA. I can't get more memory till next week unless I buy it myself.
Can't even get into the bios, so disabling fast writes is a moot point.
I am starting to wonder if the board is toast.
Well, that would be tough luck....RMAing stuff sucks grand royal....

Well, if you've already tried all the other components, that may be your only way out. I don't think bad memory would cause the whole deal not to turn on....errors in the OS and while it's booting, yes, but not fully halting the POST process.
theflyingrat said:
I don't think bad memory would cause the whole deal not to turn on....errors in the OS and while it's booting, yes, but not fully halting the POST process.
Yes, I have had bad memory stop the boot process right from the start.
abb1 said:
Yes, I have had bad memory stop the boot process right from the start.

Really? Wow! That must've been some nasty messed-up RAM! :eek:

I've had a bad stick of Crucial PC2100 before, and it never halted POST; no sir..it was much more evil! It wouldn't let on that it was bad until you were 7/8 done installing the OS, then crash at random intervals. After that, it would continue to crash the OS intermittently until it was unusable. Evil, evil stick of RAM!
$200 for a system? for something thats so damn fun?!
i got to get me some cusomters.....those will pay you, and give you a system to have fun:D :D :D
Da Whip said:
That is exactly what this system is doing. It was random crashes and now it won't post. Frigglefraggleflugglegodblest RAM!!!
I will have to spend $100 and buy different DDR. Well there go 1/2 the priofit.
I would test the ram and then RMA it if it is defective.
Kato, It is great if you have $2000+ USD to have tied up for 2+ weeks. between ordering, waiting for delivery, assembly, loading software and fine tuning, ( So the idiots can't screw it up and call you every day) $200 is dirt cheap. All the other systems I built compared to almost double the price from major makers. ( I use Iwill, ECS, Shuttle, Abit and other good MOBO's, compared to some of the junk Gateway, Dell and others use.) It is hardly worth the money, I really enjoy the challenge or I would not do this.
it just flames me when I build something that should work w/ no major problems.
hey when you boot hold insert and see if you get anything, i wasnt getting anything for a wile because i set my ram to cas 2 and i screwed it up, and now i gotta hold insert every time i boot, so i just sent in an rma request for the ram and im gettin some corsair 2400!
Tried holding down insert key, no boot. I went to a local computer show today and bought a stick of Crucial PC-2100 256mb, still no boot after clearing the Cmos.
I will try the PSU next. This is frustrating.
(2 hours later)
Well I tried an PSU nothing. I think the board is toast. Any other ideas?
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