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XP2000 running at 1.8v

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Oct 14, 2002
Uhm, why is my XP2000 running at 1.8v? The bios has the voltage set to XP2000 default (Asus A7V333). I've been trying to figure out why in the world my chip is running so hot, I've tried 3 different heatsinks, and all with Artic Silver and the thing still runs at 57C load. The motherboard runs at 33C load.
Now I think it's the voltage. Does that over-voltage make it really that much hotter?
Most ASUS boards slightly overvolt the processor by default. The A7V333 also has the ability to read the on-die temperature sensor located inside the processor so your temps will be read higher (and more accurately) than a normal in socket thermistor. 57C at 1.8V is still a very high temperature assuming you used good heatsinks.

What kind of heatsink are you using?
yah I know all about that. I'm not reading the dye temperature, so at full load it's really 67C. I also have the new bios so its not off.
I had the Volcano 7+ on it, it was about 3C cooler than what I have now, the default Athlon hsf, and I'm using ASIII paste.
I've built a lot of computers before, and put together a lot of heatsink/fans so I know I'm not doing anything wrong, after all I've change heatsinks on this CPU like 7 times already, without any major temperature change.
I'm going to try to undervolt it tonight and see what happens, maybe I can break this stupid heat mystery.
Thanks for the reply btw!
I've heard that some people have gotten cpus that didn't cool properly because the core was either bulged inward or outward. I think it's supposed to be very rare that that happens but it may be the reason your temps are so high.