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XP2100 is XP2200... Palomino version anyway!

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Jul 14, 2001
Edmonton, Alberta
The XP2100+ in all twelve reviews that I have read has hit 1.80GHz overclocked with defualt 1.75Vcore and not even a trace of stability issues @ 1.80GHz.

Now, the XP2200+ uses the AGOIA stepping exactly like the XP2100 uses. This is rediculous, the only real difference that will seperate these two processors will be the fact that the XP2200+ has a locked 13.5X multiplier while the XP2100 is locked at 13X.
And the XP2200+ will say 2200 on the cpu!

LOL, its time for AMD to bring the T-bred here and skip XP2200+ Palomino!

AMD claims that it doesn't like overclockers. OK, now it is one of us :p, now it should release all the CPUs unlockable like the T-Birds were!!!
AMD has been stepping their processors as far as I remember, some K7s were stepped up, but I don't know about since then...
Personally as long as the XP 2200 performs well I hope thay actually push the core even more.Because that ensures us all that the Tbred will have to overcome the Palimino chips !!!

I say XP 2600 lol, that ever happens and Intell is so screwed when AMD puts out the .13 micron core.....We may see 3000+pr on the tbreds really fast this way...SO let AMD push the .18 micron in the end we benifit and it will show how well made AMD Chips really are......
I think AMD is trying to milk the XP for everything it's worth. They don't want to blow their load too quick, the XP's are fairly new and they are already talking about replacing it with the next generation. I think it would be a big mistake, sales-wise, to introduce the T-bred too early. Think of all the surplus XP's that will be there and the $ cut that will take place to get them off the shelves. On the other hand, the consumer in me, I could care less what they do with the XP, "just bring da heat". O/Cers want the T-bred, O/Cers need the T-bred. We also need some info so we can accomodate for them. AMD, can you hear all your loyal fans, let us play with your new toy, pleeeeeeeeeeeez.

Respectfully, FAithful AMD user:)
As I posted on an earlier thread - the price of XP's is already plummeting. I can get my hands on a 2000+ now for only US$150 whereas less 2 weeks ago the price was well in excess of $200. If you had a new product which was going to take sales away from one of your existing products of course you would try and reduce the stock levels of the existing product before introducing the new product - its good economics!
That's it, I'm gonna get the Athlon XP 2200+ 1.8Ghz cuz the Palamino is a great core even though it's .18-M, it's the final speed for the palamino series just like 1.4Ghz @266fsb was for the final T-bird, and it should overclock to 2Ghz or beyond with good cooling. The T-breds are taking too long to get here and they probably won't be released until the end of May, early June which is to long of a wait for me. As I see it the only difference between the palaminos and the thoroughbreds is their die sizes and nothing more. SSE2 instuctions would be very nice but it's not going to happen until maybe the Clawhammer. Will the t-breds have more transistors than the pals packed into them, I don't really know.
as a student i cant wait for the t-breds to come out because it will lower the price of the XPs which is great news for us... but im sadden to see that the t-breds are so hard to unlock... i mean i know it needs to be locked at the multi its has since most motherboards dont have a multi that high but still..

and how could amd say they dont like overclockers... bull ****ing **** we are at least half of the people buying there stuff most people buy a INTEL just because its a INTEL we buy AMDS because we know they can be OCed and they have a great price we are what kept AMD alive so long and did not fall like cyrix (even though i hear cyrix is back but now via owns them)