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xp2500 mobile problem

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New Member
Jul 3, 2004
Heyas wondering if anyone can shed some light on my problem.Just got a IQYHA 0407VPMW mobile chip and cant get the vcore over 1.7 volts without crashing,if i change it on desktop with 8rdavcore it shuts down,if i change in bios wont boot windows just restarts.Was using asus a7n8x then bought a nf7-s v2 both boards do it.Tryed out lots of multis fsb speeds,even 8x133mhz raising vcore past 1.7 crashes 1.675 gets prime95 errors after 10 mins.Atm running 200x11.5 at 1.65 vcore prime errored after 30 mins cpu temp under 40 degress.Ram is corsair twinx3200ll which does 200 but crashes on 202 !!! even tryed seperate sticks.Psu is a thermaltake silentpower 480w + and-12v around 11.95,radeon 9700 non pro,cisco wifi card is all i got in system.
Any ideas to help this poor aussie out would be greatly appreciated


Normal Member
Sep 7, 2003
The negative 5 and 12 voltages on your PSU dont matter, those were only used for ISA slots and such in older motherboards, so dont worry about those, all of ours are high.

But remember, some processors just arn't as good as others. I personally like my processors to be prime stable for atleast 10 hours. so I would put it down to like 2200mhz maybe.As long as it isn't crashing or screwing anything up at this speed, I dont see a REAL reason to put it down though.


Dec 18, 2002
It sounds as if you may have just gotten a bad chip, in which case you are kinda out of luck. I would strongly urge you to not return it just because it overclocks badly, as IMHO that's a low, unethical thing to do (as it costs the company money, just because you want a better overclock when the chip runs as it was designed and as it was sold to you to do).

Where are you reading those temps from? Are you sure they're accurate? It sounds a little like you might be overheating with the higher vcore, but at 40C that's not possible...

Good luck getting it all sorted out, and welcome to the forums!