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Mar 13, 2002
saratoga, ca
just got one for my b-day (how cool) along with a Athlon XP 1600 chip.

of course, the reason why it was given to me, was to overclock!

any tips, ideas, suggestions - comments on the board?

I have yet to install it - but I plan to overclock the FSB as much as I can, and I think I will be able to divide it to the PCI so I can keep my RAID cards and other various devices on track.

I have read some good articles and will continue to. I am just looking for any real-life experiences anyone would like to share regarding this mb.

How about a place for v-mods to it so I can unleash some MHz!

I am watercooled and improving on that as well, so I should be able to handle the temps. And I will also move over to the AMD CPU forum department for the unlocking advice.
It is a great board. I've had my kicking for 6+ months now. If you plan to OC it, get some XMS 3200 memory and go for 190+ FSB speeds right off the bat. Have fun.
yeah, get some good RAM. with the right stuff and an unlocked or very good CPU this board should push 185+ fsb easy. I've had mine boot up to 196 but get HDD failures there (that was my old hard drives, haven't tried with the new ones cuz I haven't unlocked my new chip yet either).

the vcore on mine goes up to 1.98-2.01 depending on which processor I use, so that's enough for me. I haven't looked into vmodding this one (but maybe I will, after my watercooling gets installed).

good luck and let us know what you get with it