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XSPC X20 Delta V2 CPU Block and WC Phenom 9850....Temps..???

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Aug 31, 2007
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Hi Guys..I have a Phenom 9850BE details can be seen in sig... but esentially I am running 24/7 at the moment at 2.9Ghz and 1.475v..

I had a Thermaltake Big Water 745 watercooling kit initially however when the pump failed I modded up a custom WC kit comprising:

2 x XSPC RS240 raidators
XSPC Dual Bay reserovir and Pump combo
4 x Theramaltake A2018 Smart-eye 1300-2800RPM 93CFM Max Fans on the first radiator in a push/pull configuration
2 x Thermaltake A2018 fans on the 2nd radiator in a push config...
1 x Thermalatake Big Water 745 CPU Waterblock

All fans running at approx 2000RPM at present...

In Everest Ultimate I have idle temps of 35C (CPU), 36C (Cores#1~#4), and load temps never exceed 43C for the Cores and 40C for the CPU overall....all cores fully loaded using Everest Stability Test..



The above was only a 15min test, to get an idea, but you can see in the graph that the temp levelled out at a maximum of 40C for the CPU... I left out the individual Cores on the graph as it was confusing with them being so close together...!!!

Ambient temps are approx. 19-25C depending on time of day...

Mid-day it can get up to about 25C, nights its lower down at about 20C...

The fans on the radiators are all able to be controlled via a Zalman fan controller... with front radiator fan speed range 1300-2800RPM and rear radiator fan speed range of 1200rpm to 2000rpm..

I currently run all at 2000rpm which is a reasonable balance between rpm and dB's...!!

Anyway I felt that I wanted to improve the CPU WB, and so have decided to get an XSPC X20 Delta V2 CPU waterblock.... I wanted to get something better like the Swiftech GTX or the EK Supreme, but these have too high a restriction for my pump, so I opted to get the lower restriction X20 Delta instead....

I guess what I'm asking is what sort of temps shoud I expect to be getting on this kind of setup.....given the higher heat output from a 1.4v Vcore and the 2.9Ghz OC...??????

EDIT: PS:A slideshow of the external watercooling setup I rigged up can be seen at this link: http://s91.photobucket.com/albums/k281/Kazphill/?action=view&current=1f046259.flv