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May 8, 2003
I dont mean to be a newbe here but what is a folding team what happens and how do i join one. i Head they are like crack

bubba gump

Sep 19, 2002
We all started somewhere so dont worry about being "a newb" , but mainly that Folding is is a Distributed Computing Project....what DC is is it breaks down humougos things to calculate/simulate that a expensive suerpercomputer would do, and sends them and different variations out to those who have hte corect client. They then process there little chunk of whatever and then send it back to the main sever......

In this case of folding proteins, stanford breaks up the humoungos protein sim's that a super computer would do, and they send the different variatoins (Im pretty sure the different var's are represented by the Run, Clone, Gen in the log that you would see.) out to the people who"request them" by having the client installed. Once you get this "work unit" your computer starts IMMEDIATELY working. When it works it simulates how the protein folds/misfolds....when a protein misfolds, it is a bad thing and some horrible diseses such as Alzheimers. Cancer, BHD (the human form of mad cow), Parkinson's etc.. form in the
human body.

What the program does is it tracks how these proteins fold/misfold, and the data is sent back to Stanford's servers, and ht einformation is there for Medical groups....if i remember right, I thnk a few different doctors have used the work WE as a world have done to give better medicine for some certain ailment, i forgot the article so in essence, i forgot the nasty....

Now, there are different types of "clients" you can download. The graphical client is hte simplest to set up, and the GUI of it takes up more than the other versions. Sure if u want something easy to track/use and have a neat screen saver u can use the graphical one.....

Then there's the console. The console is running through a DOS screen and its mainly a "log" file that you see. It is also easy to setup, but some people may find it a bit tricky. If you choose to go the better, and quicker folding way then by all means come by if you have an trouble settting it up :), We'd
be glad to help you.

So once your all downloaded and ready to install, you need a user name! Go to this page and type in the name you want, if there arent any matches to your name, than you can join OUR team as your name...say if u were to use BubbaTheHut, then you would be allowed to because nobody else has turned in a WU (work unit) under that name :). And say if you wanted to fold for 1 of our 3 subteams, you would put in
either OC3D which is mainly for our Overclockers.com 3D mark's team, but u can join if u aernt part of that OR you can join the For_Those_We_Lost team...but alas, i forgot the newest one! Formed by our own mysterious shirt ninja folders, [OC]FoldNinjas .

Each of them have been around for a while...For_Those_We_Lost the least, we came around i think 3 weeks ago...maybe 2 but anyways when you want to fold for a subteam, you just put the subteam's name (OC3D of For_Those_We_Lost and [OC]FoldNinjas ). If you want to know more about the subteams and how they work, dont be afraid
to ask.

Now, when you have everything downloaded, and you have the name you are going to fold under, its ready to set it up. What you would do say if you
downloaded hte console, is download the FAHconsole3.exr file from the Stanford Page and then you would
run it, and when it asks for your name put in *the name u chose to fold as* and when it asks for team number, 32 is the one to do. Then it will ask if you
want to do a few things:

[14:40:52] Configuring [email protected]

User name [anonymous]?______________ 
Team Number[0]? 32
Ask before fetching/sending work [no] (yes/no)? no
Use Internet Explorer Settings [no] (yes/no)? no
Use proxy [no] (yes/no)? no
Change advanced options [no] (yes/no)? yes
Core Type [no-pref] (no-pref/fah/gah)? fah
Core Priority [idle] (idle/low)? idle
CPU usage requested (5-100)? 100
Disable highly optimized assembly code [no] (no/yes)? no
Ignore deadline information (mainly useful if
 system clock frequently has errors)? [no] (no/yes)? no
Machine ID (1-4) [1]? 1

The only thing you wuld need to change in this case is when it asks for your User name, you need to put in who ur gonna fold under, like BubbaTheHut or
something that you think fits...that is what my setup is like, so thats why i gave u that :)

Now if i missed anything dont be afraid to come back and ask, wed all be glad to help...

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Jun 22, 2002
Beijing, China
/me wispers join [OC]FoldingNinjas, join [OC]FoldingNinjas, join [OC]FoldingNinjas, join [OC]FoldingNinjas

you really should fold, its for a good cause, you can fold for your self or a team:D

/me wispers join [OC]FoldingNinjas, join [OC]FoldingNinjas, join [OC]FoldingNinjas, join [OC]FoldingNinjas