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Yatta Monster (Linux) Help Needed

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Senior Member
Aug 9, 2002
Bakersfield, CA - USA
edward2's sig
Tualatin 1.3 @ 1.5 | Abit VH6T | 1.525 Vc, AX-7, 35C load | 384 MB RAM
Tualatin 1.4 @ 1.6 | Abit ST6 | 1.525 Vc, SK-7, 39C load | 256 MB RAM
Tualatin 1.2 @ 1.5 | Abit ST6 | 1.550 Vc, AX-7, 38C load | 256 MB RAM (Wood Case, Engineering Sample CPU)
Tualatin 1.4 @ 1.6 | Biostar M6VLQ | 1.5 Vc, Intel HSF, ??C load | 128 MB RAM (Wood Case)

Man Edward you have the 'tualatin .13 micron madness'. What is it about this particular breed of chip that you like so much? (Gnerma is just curious)


Apr 22, 2002
[email protected] in Ball Ground, GA
A couple of reasons I guess. I was familiar with the Intel socket 370 chips and motherboards. I had plenty of SDRAM type memory and non-XP/non-P4 power supplies available (200-250 watts). And they are very cheap for the performance.

I just told someone else in the forum yesterday that I want to build myself a new XP or P4 system. It will probably have to wait until after Christmas however. Of course, I will have to get new memory, power supply, case, etc.