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YEA..Hit my 500 point Milestone

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Nov 29, 2001
Greensboro, North Carolina
I hit my 500 point Milestone lastnight or this morning...I think its time to unlock my Duron 1ghz and OC it and add it to the farm...well actually my farm is more of a pasture...lol..only have 2 pc's folding ATM
ok...I unlocked my Duron 1ghz..gee it was easy...lol..I wish XP's were as easy..Im slowly upping the multiplier on the Duron system...Im currently at 11..going on to 11.5,12,12.5 and so on..

Here comes another rig FOLDING!
ok..well I got it up to a 13.0 multiplier, but it was extremly unstable...so i backed the multiplier down to 11, and upped the fsb to 110, so im currently running it at 1210 Mhz.....its getting there slowly, I believe if i raise the Vcore i can maybe hit 1.3xx..but im trying to test for stability before I raise the Vcore...Im happy, I just checked the stats and i was ranked #66 (68 on statman) and #800 Overall..not to shabby..
lol...go REZMAN!!!...heheh..well i think I reached the limit of the duron with air cooling...here are the results..(if i had more voltage...lol)
almost got 1.3