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You better hope the UN doesnt need to be in your area...LOOK

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Jan 8, 2003
I was just browsing, and I wont be able to look any further tonight so, someone else please look at this and see if it doesnt make you wonder where the hell the peoples will went.

Keep in mind this is pre-Sept 11 material from the UN regarding telecommunications systems security implementations in the immediate and remote areas and facilities to be used by UN operations personnel in the future, globally, superceding any other implementation(s).

They sure have been prepared, that IS a good thing, I know...but it is scary, sad, and bittering what the CFR (Council On Foreign Relations) has done to our "democracy" here in the good ol' US of A.
The world powers' necessity for clandestine liason with the rest of the world and each other has broken the very foundation with which this country was built. We no longer have any control over our governments decisions or actions. Our democratic governemnt has been hijacked by the "elected officials" of our representation in this country and the poeple have been fooled into approving it.

Just some more proof in the pudding here from the wonderful Google .

So please clickHERE

Yes, this does belong in the this forum...
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