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you gotta get DIVINE DIVINITY

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Feb 23, 2002
St.louis area
hello all, im just trying to let everyone know that they need to get
DIVINE DIVINITY, its awesome. if you likes diablo 2, which i still love, then your gonna love DivineDivinity, (weird name imho but a great game)

i love how you can interact with everything and pick up stuff, to me that is awesome.

so to all you DDplayers out there, i finally know what you are talking about this was truly an overlooked game. i don't know why they don't push it more. it is the best 14 bucks i have ever spent on a game.

Grande Juan

Aug 16, 2001
Does it work with xp, how is the game play, graphics? I only ask because I'm always interested in good cheap games. And I've never heard of DD.


Nov 17, 2001
Waterloo, Wisconsin, USA
I've had this game for quite some time now.

I had written up a very good review on it when I still did modern games, but that never got out onto the web due to various circumstances (wish it had though).

In short. I think it's 100x better than Diablo 2. You can use 640x480,800x600, or 1024x768. The game is detailed and colored beautifully. It has very nice atmospheric music, and plenty of hack and slash.

Character development is a bit boring, as any character class can ultimately train in anything they want, however the game has LOADS of quest, NPC interaction, and nice reputation system (**** people off and they will hate you, suck up to shop keepers get good prices - etc). The interface is simple, point and click and a handful of keyboard keys.

This game will keep you going for hours. I like it more than D2 because it simply has more NPC interaction. There are constant quests to go on, if you go somewhere that is too hard for you, there is always somewhere else that's just right. It has a nice automap that keeps track of the entire world you uncover, monster kills/information, conversation logs, etc etc..

It's just an all around solid game, that never got the publicity it deserved. Definitely worth picking up