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You guys got to read this LOL!!

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Oct 6, 2002
The Sunshine State
Aight I have a funny story to tell you guys.

Here it goes......

My friend was building a comp about a week ago that consisted of Amd XP 1800+ , Geforce 3 , 256 pc2700 crucial , a7v333, and more... Anyways, I was over at his house putting it together, and the dragon orb he had was huge. I was like, man if this thing cracks ur chip im not takin the blame (the thing weighed 4 pounds.) He said screw it, well take it to compusa and get it put on. I laughed inside cause we all know compusa are idiots..
So the next day WE take it to compusa. The guy is like yeah well put it on for 20 bucks. So my friends mom busted out the card and payed for it. Well we took it home and the temps were like 150F in an aluminam case with 4 case fans. I was like wtf...
So I decide to pull of the orb yesterday and to my surprise....
Thermal paste was all over the cpu about 2cm thick..... I was like omg... The stuff was piled so high, and their was a burn mark on the bottom of his orb. Thinking to myself how this generic silver paste couldnt have shorted his chip, I took a picture of it and then i rubbed it off with acetone (this took me like an hour to do)
I put on a paper thin layer of AS3 and put the orb back on. I fired it up and he was gettin around 99 - 102F full load. I took the picture from his digi camera to compusa and showed the guy what they had done. He looked at me like I was crazy and said thats what the manual said to do.... I started laughing at the guy and left the store. Just thought I would share this comedic story with you all:beer:

Mr B

Senior Admin Emeritus
Dec 28, 2000
East Bridgewater, MA
Now, let me point out the grave error here, for those who missed it....

"well take it to compusa "

Pop quiz.....why is this??

a) "cause we all know compusa are idiots.."

b) "Thermal paste was all over the cpu about 2cm thick..... "

c) "He looked at me like I was crazy and said thats what the manual said to do.... "

d) All of the above.

:p :D :p

BTW....glad you sorted it out before the chip blew....;) Good catch on that. :cool:


Jun 30, 2002
Well if you want something done right :)

Besides some of the Comp USA techs are not all too bright. ;)


Dec 24, 2001
if u want it done right,do it yourself as you well know.
well id say compusa is very lucky they arent in a lawsuit or putten out cash for a new mobo/cpu.

i dont blame you for not just trying to convince him to let you install the heatsink. gotta be the most dangerous part of pc building. ive felt my heart stop putting em on before and the screw driver slip off the clip and go resister and hole hunting. scary stuff on a brand new $200 mobo.

Mr. $T$

Sep 15, 2001
Bring us the picts!!!! :D


go up to him and ask him If he knows what a CPU is. :D